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Close the performance gap
– automatically

With countless learners at any stage of performance, use a platform that is flexible and responsive, without the manual hands-on effort

Adaptive Microlearning’s Adaptive Microlearning platform takes an automated approach to identifying knowledge gaps, assigning, retraining and reinforcing learning through short-burst microlearning.

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How Adaptive Microlearning Works

Identify Gaps

Daily, 60-second challenges give you the pulse on how well employees are comprehending material and allows you to spot gaps in learning faster.  Rules are defined in the beginning that determine acceptable levels of performance and at what level gaps need to be addressed.



Depending on the subject or environment, remedial training can be delivered in a number of ways.  Employees that need extra help can be  automatically assigned an online courses or a separate refresher microlearning track. 

Validate Progress

Having an employee go through recovery training is one thing but making sure they know the material is another.  Once retraining is complete, the platform validates that they understand and can apply the material.


Reinforce Knowledge


Unlike traditional microlearning, the platform has the intelligence to deliver follow-up refresher training on the specific subject or gap that was identified in the first place. 

Ready to get Adaptive?

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