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February 21, 2024

Forbes 2023 Driver Stats: Ending Distracted Driving


Forbes has released the 2023 driver statistics and the trends are sobering. 

The toll of driver distraction is far greater when considering crashes that caused injury but were not fatal. In fact, 324,652 people were hurt in distracted driving crashes in 2020.  Focused driving is a habit! 

Our partner, the Lutzie-43 Foundation, is on a mission to end distracted driving.  Together we built the UNDistracted Driver Habit-Builder™. 

Be part of the solution and let’s end distracted driving for good.

Distracted Driving Statistics & Facts In 2023 – Forbes.com


Learn.net and our national partners are on a mission to #enddistracteddriving. Our #UNdistractedDriving #habitbuilder reduces risk.

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