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Who We Serve

Learning is critical in all fields, as are good habits.  Our learners span a range of industries who each have their own critical factor:  safe, healthy, productive, error-free.

Within each of these industries are the leading factors that have brought them to us, so they can deliver extraordinary results in the performance of their people.  What's your critical factor?



Retailers are under more pressure than ever to deliver quality experiences despite high turnover, omni-channel complexity and narrowing margins.  Our clients in retail set their critical priorities to include customer experience, workplace behaviors, new product and campaign launches, fraud prevention, safety and security.



Employees and contractors in construction must operate safely all the time, every day.  Keeping safety top of mind helps our clients create a culture of safety, attract and retain employee and clients, and prevent costly fines, and especially irreversible dangerous conditions for their teams.


Manufacturing & Distribution

Processes in a busy manufacturing or distribution environment have to be learned quickly and accurately, and must be performed safely.  When turnover happens, or new processes are introduced, our clients flexibly introduce them to all or part of their workforce with ease.



The fast-growing energy industry is highly technical and vastly complex, with roles and responsibilities that can change quickly.  Our clients avoid costly errors by keeping critical skills fresh, diagnosing and retraining flexibly, when workers are in transit, at team stand-up meetings or between activities.


Government & Regulatory

Regulations and policies exist to protect us all, yet enforcing them after the fact isn’t the goal – compliance is.  We work with federal, state and non-governmental regulators to deploy and maintain policies and keep them current for practitioners. 


Financial Services

Financial services providers are under fire to maintain compliance while still delivering profitable service to clients.  The top-of-mind issue for our financial services clients are fraud prevention, regulatory compliance, rapid onboarding of new hires and cross-selling of products. 


Health & Wellness

Healthy outcomes require healthy habits, and we find that habit-building is critical to the application of behaviors and actions that our health & wellness partners and clients deliver – among their practitioners and their patients.


Consulting & Professional Services

Though providing high-value consulting and professional services, experts often find their advice is not implemented or repetitious. Experts on our platform provide continuing value to clients, while also adding subscription offers to their portfolio of offerings.


Training Providers

Training providers are able to serve up their performance-based content in multiple formats on the platform on a white-label basis, with their own site and range of training products, including fee-for-service, and full learning management (live and online) or as a plug-in to existing systems.  Our unique habit-builder creates sustainable recurring clients while adding to your portfolio, and providing further value to your learners. 

Critical Job Factors Matter

Our experience in a range of industries has taught us that your industry and the makeup of your workforce drives what learning is most critical to your business.  If you're not sure what your critical factor is, or how to translate what's critical into how to enable your team, give us a call. 

It's our mission, we're here to help.

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