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Deliver programs that are adaptive, consumable and optimized is the Adaptive Microlearning platform that lets you deliver personalized training at scale.

Deliver Training that’s Adaptive


Personalize training…without all the work

Sure, you can personalize training, but it’s all manual. automates the process and gives you the tools to do so much more.

Deliver training that sticks

Microlearning has been proven to work and making it adaptive on a personalized basis takes training to a whole new level.

Deliver Training that’s Consumable

When and where employees want it

Serve up training on mobile devices or PCs so learning happens alongside their normal workflow.  No apps to download. No painful set up.

Create your own courseware…fast’s built-in authoring tool makes creating great content a snap.  Create your own courses, develop your own questions, and even offer employee-generated content.


Deliver Training that’s Optimized

Get real-time Insights

More frequent bursts of learning give you instant feedback so you can see what’s working, and which areas need your attention.

Spot trends

Reports and analytics give you visibility into compliance gaps and high-risk areas so you can adjust your curriculum before there’s a problem. on phone_v2.png

Everything you need, right at your fingertips…

Adaptive Microlearning
Online Training
Online Testing
Just in Time Testing
Offline Record Keeping

Resource Directory
Reporting and Analytics
Organizational Hierarchy

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