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Build a better world,
one habit at a time.

When you deliver training, is your learning PERMANENT?

If you do traditional training - live or online, you're suffering from the forgetting curve.

Unfortunately, your learners are not getting the full value of what you teach - 

Studies show they are losing 90% of it!


It's the bane of every expert's training.


You did the work, you showed up, you gave a great course.

Maybe you even had great challenges and exercises, workbook and toolkit.

And then they walked out the door and forgot most of it.

We are living in a distracted world.

When your learners return to their 'regular life', they cannot sustain the new content, insights and behaviors you have taught them.  They need support in the form of reinforcement.

We use brain science and AI-driven heuristics
to make your learning permanent.

We'd like to provide you with a complementary assessment of your learning program.

If your content has relevant habits, we'll prepare a 

FREE starter habit-builder
based on YOUR CONTENT.

Still not convinced a quick 15-minute call is worth your time? has served over a MILLION LEARNERS.  We're the chosen partner provider for a wide range of organizations including Training Content providers, Financial Services, Energy Sector, Retailers and the Federal Government.  

Here’s what our clients are saying:


“For a great price we have a continuous training tool that is really unmatched in the industry. 

Thanks for making us all SHARPER!

“Our agents are more proficient than ever. 

But more importantly, we have experienced a 50% gain in performance.

“I have been absolutely astounded by Habit-Builder™ which offers a solid answer to our education, assessment and retention needs.”

Book a complimentary call to find out whether the habit-builder can help you create continuous subscription revenue and more permanent habits in your learners.

Sign up for a trial series and experience it for yourself! 

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