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Let's End Distracted Driving with Safe Driving Habits

Are you a Distracted Driver? 


Distracted Driving is #1 cause of death for U.S. teens


  • Fatalities have increased 22% year over year.

  • 424,000 people are injured annually in distracted driver crashes. (2019)

  • Teen drivers are 400% more likely to crash while texting. 

  • Traveling by car during the holidays has the highest fatality rate per passenger mile.


Passing the driver’s test doesn’t make a safe driver …
good habits do.

We’re proud to announce we are working with the Lutzie-43 Foundation to end distracted driving in Georgia – and across the U.S.!

UNdistracted Driving Habit Builder

helps drivers build good habits.

Build focused driving habits over time with daily prompts and challenges sent directly to your device (but don’t respond while driving!)

Sign up for you, your teen, or the whole family.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a Lutzie-43 “43 Key Seconds” lanyard and UNdistracted Driving certificate.

You’ll build new habits – for a lifetime.

UNDistracted Driving habit-builder is brought to you by partners and Lutzie-43.

We are living in a distracted world.

Safe driving habits require reinforcement.

You know WHAT to do to drive safe ... you just need better HABITS.

We use brain science and AI-driven heuristics
to make your learning permanent.

Signup for the UNDistracted Driving Habit-Builder™ through your partner, or book a call today!


Still not convinced a quick 15-minute call is worth your time? has served over a MILLION LEARNERS.  We're the chosen partner provider for a wide range of organizations including Training Content providers, Financial Services, Energy Sector, Retailers and the Federal Government.  

Here’s what our clients are saying:


“For a great price we have a continuous training tool that is really unmatched in the industry. 

Thanks for making us all SHARPER!

“Our agents are more proficient than ever. 

But more importantly, we have experienced a 50% gain in performance.

“I have been absolutely astounded by Habit-Builder™ which offers a solid answer to our education, assessment and retention needs.”

Book a complimentary call to find out whether the habit-builder can help you create permanent habits in your drivers.

Sign up for a trial series and experience it for yourself! 

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