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Build habits with brain science

Most learning solutions miss this critical component
of using habits to make behavior change permanent

Habit:  The Missing Piece

New Behaviors

Deep learning is required to develop new skills and behaviors.  But once the novelty wears off, learners return to their normal status quo. That's when environmental factors and old habits take over, and new learning is lost.  

Why, How or When?

High-concept training can leave out relevant habit-building components like why, how or when new skills, process steps or behaviors should occur.  Without context and linking cues to behaviors, which must happen in the learner’s brain rather than on the training screen, those connections are missed.


Behavioral change works best when immediate reward occurs at the time the new action is taken – but managers can’t always be there to reinforce it.  Once again, without this positive feeling, the likelihood that learners will continue the new behavior is neutral at best. 


How We Build Habits

Want to learn more about the brain science of learning, and how we build habits? 


Download our Brief:  How We Build Habits.

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