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About Us

A Strong Heritage.
A Promising Future.

At, we’re on a mission to empower the most critical professional habits and make them permanent.

We believe that learning is a huge multiplier in its ability to impact business, personal and societal outcomes, and we’ve designed our technology for the modern learner:  distracted, yet with an unquenchable desire for immediate results.  To us, this isn’t a paradox, it’s an opportunity.


We are leaders in learning, experts in learning technology and learning support professionals who are fanatics about our customers and their learners.  We’re known for innovating learning technology, from satellite learning to computer-based learning, to e-learning, blended, virtual training and proctoring. 

Now, we’ve leapt ahead again, with the most effective approach to the modern learner with AI-driven microlearning.  Join us on the most effective and impactful learning journey you’ve ever experienced – we look forward to your partnership!

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