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About Us

A Strong Heritage.
A Promising Future.

Learn.net was founded in 1990 by online learning pioneers Ken Leddick and Jim Black, Jr. They founded the company on a simple premise: empower their customers to improve learning across their widely dispersed workforces. As technology has advanced and as employee expectations have changed, so has Learn.net’s approach to helping its customers.

Today, Learn.net’s Adaptive Microlearning platform is helping organizations deliver personalized training at scale. Training departments are spread thin and too often they have to prioritize scalability over effectiveness. While trainers can often spot gaps in knowledge, closing them is a manual process that often falls down the priority list. As organizations get larger, the problem worsens and opens the company to significant risk. Learn.net’s Adaptive Microlearning platform automatically detects individual learning gaps, assigns refresher training and reinforces it with daily microlearning. We help them improve the effectiveness of their training by giving them the tools to deliver training that’s adaptive, consumable and optimized. That’s why organizations of every size turn to Learn.net to close gaps in knowledge and reduce the risk of compliance, safety and non-certification claims.