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“After 18 months of testing and training with Eterna, we noticed a significant improvement in Eterna test and compliance scores among our collectors. Our collectors are more proficient than ever. But, more importantly, we have experienced a 50% drop in compliance violations.”
Terry Johnson, President
HSI Financial Services (Atlanta)
Eterna is a cloud-based system used to train and certify employees on compliance and regulatory issues. Today, the system is being used to manage the compliance and training of 90,000 users.
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Lessons Learned
After 18 months of compliance conditioning with
Eterna, our clients have learned a few things.
Their collectors are getting smarter.
The Eterna Exchange is a free marketplace for test
questions for the debt collection community. Compliance
Officers can submit and retrieve test questions
to and from the Eterna libraries.
Sample Question
Want to experience Eterna? Curious what Eterna test questions look like?  Click the logo on the left, enter your email address and we’ll send you a sample question right away. 
Delivery Methods
Eterna tests can be delivered via your collection software, via email or a desktop application.  It is important to make the daily testing seamless, and part of your collectors’ routine.  Set-up and integration is simple and quick. 
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